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Welcome to Whinny Widgets, LLC!

Whinny Widgets is a company dedicated to producing innovative products that enhance the lives of riders of many disciplines, not just Dressage, which of course is our specialty. Dressage is an excellent foundation for whatever direction your future riding leads you. Please take the time to explore our unique selection of products.

Whinny Widgets laminated Dressage test books are formatted for callers as well as riders in an easy to ready print size with arena diagrams in the lower levels. Our books are available for Dressage, Eventing Dressage, Western Dressage and Reining. We offer individual level pocket size books and the larger all inclusive Instructors' books. To keep your books and treats handy, book/treat pouches are also available.

Steady Hands
Your Price: $24.00
Steady Hands
Helps keep hands still while maintaining an elastic giving feel on the bit. Soft rolled nylon strap with elastic ends, easily clips to D-rings and is longer than grab straps for correct hand position.
Hair Net Scunchie w/clips
Your Price: $22.00
Hair Net Scunchie w/clips
The hair net scrunchie keeps your hair securely in place with spring clips attached to the elastic scrunchie. Crocheted hair net is studded with diamond rhinestones for an elegant appearance. Available in several colors.
Instructors' Western Dressage Test Book (laminated) Made in the USA
Your Price: $62.50
Instructors' Western Dressage Test Book (laminated)  Made in the USA
Our Instructors' test books are all inclusive containing WDAA Introductory - Level 3. Easy to read caller format with directional arena diagrams. Great for coaches, riders and spectators.
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